Bedwars Maps for Minecraft PE

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Explore the Exciting World of Bedwars Maps in Minecraft PE. Download now and enjoy the popular minigame experience, even in singleplayer mode.

Playing Bedwars Maps in MCPE: Unleash the Fun

Discover the thrill of Bedwars, one of the most beloved minigames found on public servers. Perfect for team play and endless enjoyment, Bedwars brings excitement and competition to Minecraft PE.

Simple Rules, Endless Fun

The rules of Bedwars are straightforward, making it accessible to both newcomers and seasoned players. Gather your friends and form four teams in Minecraft PE, with each team consisting of four or five players. The more players you have, the more entertaining the experience becomes.

Your ultimate goal is to destroy the enemy’s bed while protecting your own. In Bedwars, you can die multiple times, but once your bed is broken, you won’t be able to respawn. Eliminate other players and their beds to claim victory in this intense battle.

Exciting Features of Bedwars Maps

Dedicated Bedwars maps offer various islands and a central hub where the action unfolds. Spawning islands contain special blocks that generate valuable resources such as bricks, iron ingots, and gold bars. Loot these resources to exchange them for essential items like swords and gear.

Interact with traders, also known as villagers, who offer a wide range of items for sale. Utilize these resources and strategic trading to gain an advantage over your opponents. Remember, the last player standing in this cruel game is declared the winner.

Immersive Map Experiences

Bedwars maps in Minecraft PE offer personalized trading systems, automatic gear repair, and mineral generators with different levels. These features enhance the gameplay and provide a unique and exciting experience for players.

Additionally, within the lobby area, players can enjoy the challenge of parkour, testing their skills and agility before diving into the Bedwars matches.


Download the thrilling Bedwars Maps for Minecraft PE and immerse yourself in the popular minigame experience, even in singleplayer mode. Form teams, destroy enemy beds, and emerge as the ultimate champion. Explore diverse islands, engage in strategic trading, and enjoy the intense battles. Challenge yourself with parkour and embrace the excitement that Bedwars brings to Minecraft PE. Get ready to conquer the game and prove your skills!

Four players would be enough.
There can be maximum sixteen players.
Trade bricks, iron and gold ingots for a sword or a piece of armor.


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