Cops and Robbers Map for Minecraft PE

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Experience the Thrills of Law Enforcement and Crime with the Cops and Robbers Map for Minecraft PE. Download now and immerse yourself in a captivating game world where you can play as a cop or a robber!

Cops and Robbers Map: Choose Your Side

Enter the world of Minecraft PE with the exciting Cops and Robbers Map, where you have the opportunity to embrace the roles of law enforcement or a cunning criminal.

Explore the gloomy and atmospheric locations as you embark on thrilling adventures on your path to freedom or justice. This map is perfect for players who love crime stories and engaging gameplay.

Divide into Teams: Cops vs. Robbers

Engage in intense team-based gameplay as you participate in this captivating mini-game for Minecraft PE. Assume the role of a cop and keep a close eye on the robbers, preventing their escape at all costs. Conversely, the robbers must utilize their cunning and strategic skills to break free from the clutches of the law. The map accommodates 2 to 6 players, with teams ideally balanced.

For added excitement, consider using TeamSpeak to coordinate your strategies and communication. As some attempt daring escapes, others work tirelessly to thwart their plans, leading to exhilarating and unpredictable gameplay.

Simple Rules, Thrilling Gameplay

The rules of the game are straightforward. Split into two teams: cops and robbers. The objective for the robbers is to escape from prison, even if it means risking their lives. Meanwhile, the cops must diligently guard and prevent any escapes from occurring. Remember, breaking blocks and cheating are strictly forbidden, ensuring fair and challenging gameplay for all.

Steve’s Escape: A Scary Adventure

Embark on a spine-chilling journey with the Steve’s Escape map for Minecraft PE, inspired by real events in South Africa. In 1976, a group of freedom fighters was imprisoned as terrorists, and now it’s up to you to navigate the treacherous path to freedom.

Utilizing 200 command blocks, this adventure offers approximately 20 minutes of immersive gameplay. Brace yourself as you encounter remarkably realistic cops along your harrowing escape.

Jailbreak: Plan Your Escape

Immerse yourself in the world of Minecraft PE’s Jailbreak map, crafted by the talented author JarwinWinjar. Find yourself in the confines of a prison, with the reasons behind your incarceration shrouded in mystery. Could Steve be an elusive robber, or is there more to the story?

The developer has meticulously designed the map, providing all the necessary resources and tools for a successful escape. Collaborate with your cellmate, Jeff, and devise a cunning plan to break free from your captors.


Download the thrilling Cops and Robbers Map for Minecraft PE and dive into the captivating world of law enforcement and crime. Choose your side and experience the adrenaline-pumping gameplay as you either chase down criminals or plot your daring escape. With engaging storylines, realistic environments, and challenging gameplay, this map promises endless hours of entertainment. Get ready to embrace the thrill of the chase in Minecraft PE like never before!

In order to install the card, you need to move it to the address games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds.
After you download the file, run it. The map is automatically imported into the game.
Yes, it is suitable for a multiplayer game.


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