Hide and Seek Maps for Minecraft PE

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Enjoy the Thrills of Hide and Seek with Downloadable Maps for Minecraft PE. Play the popular minigame in unique settings and face exciting challenges while seeking or hiding.

Hide and Seek Maps: Unleash the Fun

Hide and Seek has been a beloved play mode in Minecraft PE since its early days. This interactive genre requires multiple players, as one player seeks to find others while they attempt to hide in the most clever spots on the map. With simple rules and endless enjoyment, fun awaits around every corner.

DJ’s Hide and Seek: Immerse Yourself in Meticulously Designed Areas

DJ’s Hide and Seek map offers high-quality design and meticulously crafted areas, providing players with a wide range of hidden spots to discover. Explore floating islands, lush forests, a small town, and eerie dungeons, where you’ll find plenty of places to hide in Minecraft PE. Embrace the challenges that lie ahead, as the map presents clever hiding spots that are both exciting and easy to navigate.

BEMZ Hide and Seek: Dive into Underground Adventures

In the BEMZ Hide and Seek map, prepare to spend most of your time underground. Delve into vast dungeons, explore large halls, and discover secret passages that serve as fantastic hiding spots. Whether you choose to hide behind a throne, in a hidden cave, or in a concealed storage room, the possibilities are endless in this expansive MCPE map.

Hide and Seek by Faishal RA: Uncover Secrets and Enjoy Diverse Scenes

Hide and Seek by Faishal RA features an abundance of interesting elements to enhance your gaming experience. Search for hidden secrets scattered throughout the map, and delight in the thirty distinct scenes available to cater to various preferences, from the ordinary to the extraordinary. With three floors designed for seekers and hiders alike, this map provides endless opportunities for engaging gameplay in Minecraft PE.

Jackson’s Hide and Seek: Combining Hide-and-Seek with Dynamic Challenges

Jackson’s Hide and Seek map takes the hide-and-seek genre to the next level by adding dynamic elements like PVE (Player vs. Environment) encounters. Engage in battles against monsters while simultaneously hiding from the seeker, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. Explore magnificent castles, verdant woods, and rugged landscapes, as this map offers multiple arenas where you and your friends can battle and hide together.


Download the hide and seek maps for Minecraft PE and embark on thrilling adventures in unique settings. Seek or hide in meticulously designed areas, uncover hidden secrets, and enjoy diverse scenes. Challenge your friends or play solo as you immerse yourself in the excitement of hide and seek in Minecraft PE. Get ready for hours of fun and excitement in this classic minigame with a twist!

Someone is hiding, and someone is trying to find.
Good luck next time, now you are an observer.
Two players will be enough.


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