PewDiePie Map for Minecraft PE

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Download the PewDiePie Map for Minecraft PE: Explore the Legendary Broland and Its Unique Landmarks

The iconic YouTuber, PewDiePie, captivated audiences with his Gaming Week featuring Minecraft PE. Now, you can join in the adventures of your favorite YouTuber by downloading the PewDiePie map. Embark on a journey through Broland, an extraordinary realm filled with rare and unconventional sights that will leave you in awe.

Discover Peculiar Sights

PewDiePie’s vivid imagination has translated into the creation of a truly unique and unconventional Minecraft PE map. Broland is filled with dozens of peculiar and captivating landmarks that are a testament to PewDiePie’s outlandish creativity.

Marvel at the glorious Meatball, a sight that shines with unmatched splendor. Venture inside the Meatball to find an elevator and even create your own bee-farm, mirroring PewDiePie’s latest escapades.

The IKEA tower, an extraordinary structure that was once removed in the latest MCPE episodes, stands tall in Broland. Pay homage to Joergen #1, the beloved horse who tragically met his demise in the Nether Portal. The fastest horse to ever roam Minecraft PE is memorialized, ensuring that his memory lives on.

Unique Style and Architecture

PewDiePie’s love for his native Sweden and his admiration for Japan are evident in the PewDiePie map. Explore the Swedish-Japanese architectural fusion present in this MCPE map, offering a delightful blend of styles.

Visit Sven’s house, a charming residence that showcases PewDiePie’s Swedish roots. Additionally, the main house is a testament to PewDiePie’s organization and categorization skills, with materials neatly arranged in chests.

Immerse Yourself in the PewDiePie Experience

By downloading the PewDiePie map for Minecraft PE, you have the opportunity to step into the world of one of YouTube’s most beloved creators. Experience the adventures, witness the landmarks, and immerse yourself in the unique charm that defines PewDiePie’s content.

Join the countless fans who have followed PewDiePie’s journey through Minecraft PE and become a part of the Broland community. Whether you’re a fan of PewDiePie or simply seeking an unforgettable Minecraft PE experience, this map offers an extraordinary adventure unlike any other.


Download the PewDiePie Map for Minecraft PE and embark on an unforgettable journey through the legendary Broland. Explore peculiar landmarks, pay tribute to fallen companions, and witness the distinctive style and architecture of PewDiePie’s world. Step into the footsteps of your favorite YouTuber and experience Minecraft PE like never before.

Enter the enchanting realm of Broland today. Download the map and begin your epic adventure with PewDiePie!

Use the elevator.
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Sven sits inside the main house.


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